Preparing for Natural Disasters

Useful links in case of emergency

“Safety Tips for travelers” by Japan National Tourism Organization
“What to do in an emergency” at DIG JAPAN (inbound media)
Embassies and consulates in Japan

Preparing for Earthquakes

– At the time of a large-scale earthquake –

When an earthquake occurs, don’t panic, and act calmly.

If there are tremors, it is dangerous to move around in a hurry.
Lower your body, get under a sturdy desk if available, and wait until the tremors subside.
Quickly turn off a stove or heater if you are using one. If you are in a small room, such as a washroom or bathroom, open the door so that you won’t be locked inside.
When the tremors subside, confirm an evacuation route.
If you were using gas, shut off the main valve tightly.
If you are going outside, wear a helmet, or, if a helmet is not available, place some kind of head protection, such as a bag, cushion, or thick jacket, on your head. They will help you to protect your head from falling objects.
If you are at an accommodation facility or tourist facility, please listen carefully and follow the instructions of the facility staff.

– After the completion of initial evacuation –

Contact the embassy or consulate of your country and tell them your current location and situation.
Collect the latest information via the Internet, TV, or radio.

– What you can do in advance to prepare for earthquakes –

Download “Safety tips,” an app for visitors to Japan that notifies earthquake early warmings and tsunami warnings in multiple languages.
  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play
Prepare backup batteries for your smartphone and/or tablet.
Considering that there may be situations in which no network is available or the battery of your smartphone runs down, make a hand-written memo of necessary information, such as main contact information.